I felt like I needed to reach out and say thank you to all of you.

Because of my accident, two years ago today I could barely walk. Getting up and down was a team effort. The only blessing of the concussion I had is that now I don’t remember the pain very well. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t take care of my family or my home. We all went through moments when we were frightened that this was our new normal.

But every week, and sometimes even daily when things got bad, your doctors and staff were there. For months on end, you all showed endless compassion and dedication to helping me heal. Even when I would get frustrated you all kept encouraging me that it would get better.

And it did. And thanks to all of you and because of what you do, I was able to run my first half marathon this past Sunday. I finished in 3 hours and 18 minutes- a full 20 minutes faster than I was expected to. Because of the doctors, the staff, and the therapists at Carrollton Family Chiropractic and Advanced Kinetics Bodywork, I have more than just my body and life back. I have the ability to go after those dreams I never dared to chase before.

A heartfelt thank you to each of you,


There’s very few places I want to stand on a mountain top and rave about but this is definitely one of them. I’ve been going here for about 2 weeks now to get treatment for my moderate degeneration of the spine and wanted to write a review my very first visit but I’m like ” this has to be a fluke “. Everyone is so nice! They greet me with a smile EVERY TIME I walk in, I never have to wait more than 5 minutes, the treatment is tailored for my specific needs and the session is always smooth sailing. Carrollton Family Chiropractic is truly heaven sent.

Joseph R.

Even though I was 45 minutes late at the end of the day they still found the means to accommodate me. Incredible doctors and staff. I feel amazing after being adjusted and I can’t believe how thorough they are. I had X-rays taken and a through physical exam that was only $30 and donated to Make a Wish Foundation!! What an incredible experience/ business. I will become a regular here. I love this place!

Pam M.

“Hi my name is Erika Simmons, I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 11 years old. I went to a specialist once a year to check my progress, when I was 15 years old they told me I needed surgery so this is my story of how I’ve finally came to see a chiropractor After 31 years. The reason being as I was getting older I started to get a lot of lower back pain, I’ve tried massage which I was trained in, this helped for a while, I’ve tried exercising my lower back and hip flexors which also helped, and doing yoga which was all beneficial but the most relief was when I finally decided to go to a chiropractor. It was the best decision I had ever made in my life and wished I had gone years ago. At first I had to go 3 days a week for a month which was great I hadn’t felt this good in years. I had more energy, I was standing up taller and the best part about it was I didn’t have back pain anymore, which was unbelievable! I think the doctors were even shocked on my progress. They knew that they could help me to a point but not as much as they thought they could. They decided not to use their hands on my spine but to let a machine do its magical work which is called the Pro adjuster. This machine has worked well for me I wish I could use it every day. I think it’s very important to get care for your spine which we all take advantage of this precious gift that holds our body up. We damage our spine everyday by picking up heavy objects and not using our legs to help us, we bend down over 100 times a day and walk with our shoulders and heads down to the ground. We have to take care of this body because it’s the only one you will have in this life time. Going to the chiropractor will add years to your life. It’s just like going for a yearly check up at the doctors or dentist, you wouldn’t neglect that would you? So please take care of your beautiful spine.”

Erika Simmons

“I had been suffering with daily headaches and missing a lot of time from work and life. That was until a friend suggested I see Dr. Lehrer to find out if chiropractic care could help. Did it ever! My headaches are now non-existent and I have my life back.”

Shelly K.

“The office staff is very courteous and professional and the doctors were responsive to my every complaint. They taught me how to really care for myself.”

Katherine M.

“I was scheduled to have lower back surgery but at the request of a co-worker I saw Dr. Lehrer instead. It has been 6 years and I am still pain free, thank God I didn’t have surgery!”

Tim R.

“I love you all and glad I found you.”

Linda B.

“Doctors and staff are great. I learned a lot about the importance of my spine.”

Charles S.

“Everyone is wonderful and so caring of me personally. They have really worked with me to get me well”

Linda P.

“A year ago I walked into Dr Lehrer and Stafford’s office with tears in my eyes. I could barely move my neck and was in severe pain. After consistent treatment I began to get my life back and feel so much better! We started the neck decompression two months ago and the difference is AMAZING! I highly recommend it and would be happy to speak with anyone about the results! Kudos to everyone at Carrollton Family Chiropractic! The doctors are knowledgeable, kind and caring and the entire staff is FABULOUS as well!”

Maria H.

“The doctors and staff are the most helpful, generous, and caring staff I have ever met.”

Manuel R.

“This is the best office I have ever been at, Excellent Experience”

Susana M.

“I called the office on a referral from a co-worker trying to get in quickly as my regular chiropractor was booked. Not only did they get me in the same day but within the hour! The front office ladies are wonderful and courteous every time I talk with them. My doctor is fantastic. I will recommend this office to everyone I know. They are the true meaning of Customer Service.”


“Many thanks to Dr. Lehrer for the adjustment yesterday to treat pulsatile tinnitus (a pulsing sensation and sound in my left ear when I slept). It had been bothering me for over 6 months, and now it is gone!”

Larry H.

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